In Canada there are many insurance companies that mostly need a risk regulator to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the company, professionals working in this insurance companies need to have skills and knowledge required ,due to this one should qualify in the courses concerned and pass the exams given by the educational institution that he or she was learning from .We have several courses needed to be to pursue for one to be able to work as an insurance agent like Commercial Insurance Certificate ,Risk Management Certificate ,advanced CIP , Federal Career Interm Program , Associate Customer Services. 

There are five best courses needed to work as an agent at insurance companies in Canada ; 

Commercial Insurance Certificate that is intended to improve critical thinking and build foundation for insurance professionals ,to register for this course one should pay the tuition fees needed and be able to access web based learning because it most deals with online learning where there are several platforms and websites that assist in teaching and learning of the course .To obtain it one should accomplish ten courses and pass in their examinations accordingly .It is a certificate needed at every insurance company in Canada entailed in buying of public properties across the world. 

Risk Management Certificate that is the most important of all courses needed in Canada because many insurance companies in Canada deal with evaluation of risk and earning from risking ,the course requires practical demonstration of knowledge on the issues dealt with ,it provides risk managers with knowledge and skills needed to ascertain any loss access it and control it’s occurrence , individuals working as risk controllers are required to implement every skill learned in the course in the institution. 

FCIP stands for federal career interm program that provides professionals with skills they need to reach both kinetic and potential roles leadership related to the company ,it equips learners and professionals with skills needed at the insurance companies in aim of improving customer service and also maintenance of the company . 

Advanced CIP in insurance specifically in technology advancement ,it equips professionals and learners with critical skills and issues and their approaches ,this course assist in calculating the risk that occur ,provides a platform on how to prevent them and how to act to every risk in case it occurs .This course is highly marketable and highly competitive among insurance companies because every insurance company wishes to have a professional under such course . 

Associate Customer Service Program the course that provides skills that are foundation for service professionals and are geared towards insurance companies ,this course directs a professional to have ACS that also deals with calculation of risk ,lays a foundation on how to prevent them and how to handle them in case they occur PNC online insurance courses