Mr. Fu Bao Shi


The professor FU BAO SHI (1904-1965) , was born from Xin Yu county of ancestral home Jiangxi province. His original name was Chang Sheng, he was changed name to Fu Rui Lin in 1917, he is our country well-known artist of Chinese painting, of aurum stone, of fine arts history and as well as fine arts theoretician.

Mr. Fu Bao Shi graduated from Jiangxi First Normal College earlier year. He adopted the style of name“Fu Bao Shi, master of the BAO SHI STUDIO. 1933, he went to Japan to study. At Tokyo Japan Empire fine arts school research department, he followed behind Mr. Jin Yuan Sheng to study for the Orient fine arts, craftsmanship, carve, calligraphy and seal carving, is to the painting theory delve into, rightness paint, literature, book, seal, the versatile in all arts artistic [creations] of four supreme arts of them can fully to develop and from that time on a head Cape.

In 1935 he came back from Japan, taught in the Central University art department and as well as National Art Technical School. After new China established, he was a professor of Nanjing Teacher's college fine arts department and Jiangsu Province Chinese Painting Academy director dean, and elected to the 3rd People of the whole country to the representative, national member of committee, vice-chairman of Chinese artist association, National committee member of committee of the 3rd Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. Vice-chairman of association of China Fine Arts, chairman of association of Jiangsu province Fine Arts, vice-chairman of association of Jiangsu province calligraphy and seal.

From the childhood, Mr. Fu Bao Shi loved to paint and carve. He studied hard and liked to learn. He then imitated the ancients the person's mind, do not imitate the ancients the person's footmark are principle, to the excellent tradition of our country's painting art, proceeded the long-term study and as well as explore.

Mr. Fu Bao Shi’s artistic of creative genius just in Chinese of thousands years of traditional painting] inside, regarding two key period, as its consequence, one being the eastern Jin and six Dynasties, two being the Ming and Qing. It is clear and pure, the former he began with the Gu Kai Zhi, go on explore over six Dynasties; Later from research Shi Tai and went on to expend to Wanlong period of Ming dynasties and Qianlong period of Qing dynasties. He learned Shi Tai’s artistic thought, and also have the Shi Tai’s the poetry of that especially with painting of creation spirit, make a point of to examine closely the nature, then the change into the teacher, not summit to people of the past restrain [tie up] of painting theories, It is to Mr. Fu Bao Shi’s whole life of art develop and affect very big for.

At Mr. Fu Bao Shi’s art career, he is a scholar, to be a to comprehend to [for] the Chinese poem phrase literature very deep, will beautiful of beautiful poetry of the painting's art join together, inflated art of infection of great artist Mr. Fu Bao Shi inherited the art of the realism traditional of the our country's painting, melt Merit points of the ancient’s artists, join together with long time rightness live of directly observe and experience, created and developed the Chinese and modern landscape painting and figure painting of he one's own and unique style

Mr. Fu Bao Shi realized and came off his early years to read the thousands book and the desire of long trip. He sketched inside the country the every locality, foots all over the Great Wall, big river of top and bottom, satisfied the motherland's magnificent landscape, his paintings fervor free, boundlessly energetic, have the thick ages breathing and as well as brand-new artistic conception, increased and as well as developed the traditional Chinese painting, is Chinese landscape painting of putting forth new ideas and made out enormous contribution. Mr. Guo Mo Nuo said when touched upon at point of Fu Bao Shi painting while he was living, Fu Bao Shi’s works does with his own style, person can vivid portrayal, the landscape unique style. Cover the old method to take the new method, got off nest, showed naturalness.

Mr. Fu Bao Shi painted on landscape, pleased with the rain scene, waterfall, the fine drizzle's mountain are topics, match his designed of specially<Bao Shi wrinkle> landscape method, only a few draw can immediately obtain the mountain to rise and fall, group of mountain peaks show, nature abundance in changes of effect.  Mr. Fu Bao Shi liked to paint the rain scene, the open fieid is boundless, the storm assault of paintings can make person’s psyche, and add the person to the point.

Mr. Fu Bao Shi drawn the figures, can make track to the Jin & Tang ancient manners up, to drawn the art shape and dress, no matter what scholar, beautiful girl, cultured, artistic conception endless, after hundreds look upon but still enjoyable.  Mr. Fu Bao Shi not only grow the landscape painting and as well as person draw, but also on seal carving and as well as calligraphy art scholastic attainment is all very high. His theories writing have [The Chinese painting changes of historical outline] [Chinese painting theories] [The research of the Chinese ancients landscape painting history] [Landscape & Figure method] [Chinese fine arts chronological table] etc.

Mr. Fu Bao Shi is a diligent artist, is a to be able to an art master of new creation. His various achievement and output consequence, occupied the important status on our country of modern fine arts. It is no doubt that he established his achievement and as well as modern times art status of greatest master.

- Diao Jun Xin From Wuyi Studio of Nanjing     

duckdaotsu is filled with deep gratitude to Mr. Diao Jun Xin for this interpretation of Mr. Fu Bao Shi’s life. We are grateful to www.chinafinearts.com for this informtion and for the wonderful artwork they share with us. We are extremely proud to feature it in our daily daoist meditations.

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